There are 29536 days since Bæjarins Beztu made their first hot dog

Fantasies and hotdogs…

End of all  worldsWe just heard about a book that was published a year ago that is called End of all worlds by an English author named Thomas Shepherd. This would regularly not be a newsworthy on this site except for the fact that Bæjarins Beztu plays a small role in the book. Without going into details the hot dog cabin on Tryggvagata was used as a way of triggering memories of earlier events and was actually relocated to Akureyri in the story.

The storie is about Eleanor, who is a  literature graduate with a passion for the old legends, she is lost and feared dead when she becomes separated from her group on an expedition in the Icelandic Highlands, but emerges out of the wilds nine days later with stories of the huldufolk.

Bæjarins Beztu is not thinking about going into the publishing business ore book criticism but we recommend you check out this book at Amazon, it is available both as a e-book and on paperback.


You can buy the book here

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The picture above is from the book End of all worlds.